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Magnesium Verla Granules 20 Pack


What is it
Magnesium Verla sachets are designed to be easy to take and are used for the correction of magnesium deficiency.

Adults and children over 10 years of age. Take the contents of one sachet, one to three times each day.
Children aged 210 years. Take the contents of one sachet each day.

Warnings and Cautions
Do not take magnesium verla if.
You are allergic to magnesium aspartate dihydrate or any of the other ingredients
If you are dehydrated
If you have severe kidney problems
If you have a tendency to develop kidney stones during kidney infection
If you suffer from a condition where your kidneys are failing to produce urine or you are producing an abnormally small amount of urine

Each 5g sachet contains magnesium aspartate dihydrate equivalent to 121.56mg (5mmol) of magnesium.