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Purcell & Woodcock Luxury Scented Sachet Midnight Pomegranate


Precious pomegranate seeds permeate this dark, lush, fruity scent with sparkling notes of citrus, dewberry and cassis. Twisting the green powdery fragrance of its skin around the sweet-tart and winey aroma of the seeds, this deep and mysterious aroma will effortlessly awaken your senses.


Add a touch of luxury wherever you go.  Handmade in Ireland, our Scented sachets will gently fragrance your room, car, drawer and/or laundry cupboards with our signature fragrance blends.

Simply place on a surface of your choice and let the delicate fragrance fill the designated space.  We love using them in the car as fragrance fresheners or placing them in your laundry room to give your clothes a warm and delicate scent.

Each 13G Sachet will give a subtle aroma for up to 16 weeks.

Perfect Place:  Hall, Bathroom, Car.