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Strepsils Orange and Vitamin C Lozenges 24 Pack


What is it
Strepsils Orange With Vitamin C Lozenges are used for the symptomatic relief of mouth and throat infections. Each lozenge contains a combination of 2 antibacterials to help kill the bacteria which can cause sore throats and mouth infections. They also contain Vitamin C to help boost levels which are beneficial during an infection.

This product is for use in adults, children 6 years and over.
Dissolve one lozenge slowly in the mouth every 23 hours. Do not take more than 12 in 24 hours.

Warnings and Cautions
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please speak to your doctor before using this medication.
Keep all medicine out of reach of children
Read the patient leaflet carefully before taking this medication

Each lozenge contains Amylmetacresol 600 micrograms and 2,4Dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2mg.